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Dr Anand Saggar is a renowned and established supporter of the Arts. His main career as a doctor has focused on Clinical Genetics. Following four decades within the NHS as a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer at St Georges Medical School with over 90 publications; he now provides private health care through The International Gene Clinic which he founded in London's famous Harley Street and continues to teach nationally and internationally.

During his time at St Georges Hospital, London, Dr Saggar encouraged artists who approached him and wanted to paint in hospitals. He became a passionate supporter and enabled them to visit the hospital and laboratories at St George's; they would use a microscope and other materials to interpret the images. It was a novel idea 40 years ago which is now established practice.

He was Chair of the Hospital Arts Committee for 15 years and helped introduce visual, sculptural and performance work, singing by a patients' bedsides, staging plays - even in corridors, providing movement performance for amputees. Dr Saggar also helped organise an annual exhibition. The hospital art collection now numbers over 800 pieces and includes over 10 Royal Academicians.

Dr Saggar opened the GX Gallery in London in 2016. He  supported many young artists by enabling them to exhibit and sell their work internationally. His priority has always been to help new artists establish themselves in the commercial world.

 Anand Saggar co-founded an initiative called FloatArt. Taking the best of the UK graduates and inviting them to exhibit at a major venue on the Southbank - thus introducing their art to a broader public. 


 The Graduate Art Show 2023 was hosted by two  London galleries followed by the Vanner Gallery in Salisbury with a catalogue for the finalists.

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