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Woolff Gallery

Nick Woolff

In 2001, shortly after graduating from university, Nick Woolff established Woolff gallery. The gallery was originally based in Shoreditch, East London moving to Fitzrovia’s Charlotte Street in 2007 to a 2-story, contemporary art gallery space.

Woolff Gallery runs a full annual exhibition program and has done so for over 20 years. The gallery has taken part in over 100 art fairs and external shows worldwide having a clear vision when it comes to their stable of artists, their styles and techniques.

The gallery works with both established and emerging artists, but Nick Woolff has a focus on launching artists careers from their very start. He has a unique ability to recognise the potential in artists and their work and can often see how they can develop their practice and build upon their existing skills.

A number of Woolff Gallery artists had never previously exhibited with a gallery or perhaps were ‘discovered’ at an Art Fair. After some direction and support from Nick, artwork by some of these artists has been exhibited at major Art Fairs with some now established in museum collections.

Almost all of the Woolff Gallery artists  have collector bases worldwide. Whilst retaining a creative spirit and a sense of originality, the Woolff Gallery has inspired, guided and supported young artists to build their careers and create a successful business in the Art World.

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Vanner Gallery

David Christie

David Christie was born in Glasgow. He worked for several years in the UK and internationally in corporate communications. He has an MBA from Henley Business School.

David opened the gallery in September 2021 to create a destination for contemporary art in Salisbury, his home for 20 years. As well as attracting local people, his vision is that the gallery’s exhibitions will appeal to visitors coming to the region to visit renowned venues such as the New Art Centre at Roche Court, Messums in Tisbury and Hauser & Wirth in Bruton. The gallery’s programming combines exhibitions by established names with opportunities for young artists.

The specially converted space is modern and contemporary, and exhibits work across a wide disciplinary range including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. Exhibitions often include talks and interviews where visitors can meet artists and discuss their inspiration and practice.

As well as The Graduate Art Show in February 2023, forthcoming programming highlights include a retrospective of the major post-war abstract painter John Blackburn (in association with Osborne Samuel) and a joint show with the acclaimed street artists David Shillinglaw and his wife Lily Mixe, who had a solo show at Saatchi in November 2022.

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 William Art Gallery

Mark Wynter and the William Art Gallery are in the beating heart of Soho. Based within Picture Shop, a global post production facility, he has had 20 years of bringing people together – whether in his teams, or at numerous events he has organised and hosted. Over the past 20 years, more than 2000 young people have been given their first job in television by Mark; the alumni of which now reach all corners of the industry in UK and USA.

Only a small handful of people can claim that a bar is named after them. “Mark’s Bar” which is based within Picture Shop HQ in the West End. Plus, he is the Creator and Manager of the Art Gallery situated within William Blake Building, Soho.

Mark Wynter 

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