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 The Graduate Art Show is directed by Dr Anand Saggar and Victoria Charlton providing graduates with a unique national platform to promote their work. 


Anand Saggar

Victoria Charlton


Nisserine Ezzahni



Armando Alemdar Ara gained his diploma in Master of Art History from Kingston University in 2000 and immediately in 2001 co-founded with fellow artist Andre Durand, Neomodernism, a new philosophy of art and Art movement. Armando's visual work reflects influences from his reading of Hermetic and Sufi writings, philosophy and theology.


Armando lives and works in London, UK as an artist, educator and curator. His work is represented by Zari Gallery, London, Grahams Fine Art, London and the National Centre of Culture, North Macedonia. His work is shown worldwide.Armando Alemdar continues in his role as the Head of the Art and Design Faculty at Alperton Community School in Wembley.

His paintings reveal deeply spiritual aspects of life and existence. Working in the Renaissance tradition of painting with glazes, Armando incorporates transparent layers of paint that both veil and reveal the essence of human form, distilling and

abstracting each of his colourful images, and thus depicting a mystical imagery of inner movement.

Armando was an advisor on FloatArt throughout its five-year exhibitions.

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Mark Wynter is the director of the William Art Gallery, located in the beating heart of Soho. Based within Picture Shop, a prominent global post-production facility, he has had 20 years of bringing people together – whether in his teams, or at numerous events he has organised and hosted. Over the years, Mark has been instrumental in launching the careers of over 2000 young people in television, many of whom now hold prominent positions across the UK and USA.


He previously hosted the Graduate Art Show at his gallery, showcasing emerging artists and supporting the next generation of creatives. 


Katya Levental is the fourth generation of her family dynasty of artists to emerge as an independent talent in her own right.


She received an education at the Surikov Art Institute in Russia from 1984 -1990 where she graduated with honors and received an MFA in painting and theater design. Her diploma was nominated for the Gold Medal of the Academy of Art. While still studying in Moscow Levental worked as Art Director on numerous theatrical and television productions.


Upon graduating Katya relocated to the United States. She has since been exhibited and critically acclaimed within Europe, the United Kingdom, The United States, and Russia. Her work can be found in prominent international collections and museums. In addition to her solo projects, Katya has also curated numerous museum exhibitions over the years.


Additionally, Katya established a career as a highly successful muralist. Creating murals and frescos for many private residences and commercial spaces around New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Palm Beach, Russia, France, and Spain. Including the US Mint, IBM, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, and Marshall’s Fields in Chicago.


Early in her career, Levental taught Art History at the Hebrew University in Baltimore Maryland she later continued teaching by working with young artists as a private instructor. In 2021 Katya opened The True Bohemian Art School in Maryland USA.

Brendan Neiland

Brendan Neiland is an English artist best known for his paintings of reflections in modern city buildings

Neiland is known for his interpretations of city life. His use of light and pictorial structure, using a spray-gun technique developed at the Royal College of Art, has seen Neiland likened to Georges Braque and Johannes Vermeer. His work is widely exhibited in major museums and galleries worldwide and Britain including: The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Gallery London, The Collections of the British Council and the Arts Council of Great Britain.

He is represented by the Redfern Gallery and has  international  shows, including the Galerie Belvedere in Singapore, who represent him in the Far East.

In 1998 Neiland was appointed Keeper (Director) of the Royal Academy Schools, and is credited with revitalising what had been a struggling art school.

Tim Scrace_1800_DSC_8195.jpg

Tim Scrace is an artist, architect, and sculptor. An emerging voice in collaborative and artistic working, Tim’s work explores memory and change, helping people to see space differently.

Tim lives and breathes architecture. In 2018 Tim made the leap to setup up his own architectural practice. Scrace Architects is a growing creative consultancy that works with clients and communities to challenge perspectives, educating, and promoting better
environments and a more sustainable way of life.

Tim’s most recognised work, THIS TOO WILL PASS, was commissioned as part of the 800th Anniversary of the relocation of Salisbury Cathedral. The linearity of the design provides a spiritual link to the past and ongoing pilgrimage. Installed temporarily, passers-by interacted with the work through mark making.

Tim believes in the power of creativity. Teaching on the Architectural Technology, Interior Design and Foundation courses at Solent University Tim looks to integrate learning with practice. In his role as founder of the IGNITE collective he looks to promote the work and purpose of cultural and creative businesses and individuals both in the city and across the region.



Dina Bulavina is an independent art coordinator and curator who completed the 'New Artistic Strategies' program at the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art, and has been involved in a variety of international projects.


Dina was exhibition coordinator for the E.K.ArtBureau. She was also a member of the organising team for the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - a major cultural event in the world of contemporary art. Dina now lives in the UK. She has a PhD in Cultural studies and is interested in understanding how art projects are capable of shaping and improving urban environments, as well as forging new relationships and connections.


Additionally, Dina believes art is an excellent instrument for expressing emotions, adjusting to our constantly-evolving reality, and bringing attention to the challenges and tribulations of modern society.


Ferdy Carabott

Ferdy Carabott is a graphic designer, curator, collector and photographer. He was a staunch support and contributor to FloatArt and now The Graduate Art Show.


Ferdy’s catalogue design and graphic skills bring an invaluable dimension to the Graduate Art exhibitions.

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