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The Graduate Art Show launched under the direction of Victoria Charlton and Dr Anand Saggar to provide graduates with a unique national platform to promote their work. 

The Graduate Art Show was launched early in 2022 and is growing each year.

Young graduate artists are at a difficult stage in their careers, leaving the sheltered

world of the college and faced with the realities of the Art Market for the first time. To

fill this gap, Victoria Charlton and Anand Saggar have worked to create a unique

opportunity to showcase and develop, a new and exciting platform for contemporary

artists. Following last year’s show many of the artists were invited to exhibit in other

galleries, and during the shows much of the work was sold. The annual shows give

the graduates the support they need, now and in the future.

This year 56 Artists were selected from hundreds of submissions. A prize of £1,000

cash, that is presented annually, was awarded to Raisa Watkiss from De Montfort.

Last years award went to Lauren Goldie who graduated from Central St Martins.

The Graduate Art Show is fortunate to receive the support of Nick Woolff, owner of

the of the Woolff Gallery, Mark Wynter, at the William Gallery in London, and David

Christie, Director of the Vanner Gallery in the medieval city of Salisbury. They are

generously donating their time and space to host the show.

Anand Saggar is a medical doctor specialising in Clinical Genetics at St George’s

Hospital and private practice, He was Chair of the Arts Committee at St Georges

NHS for over 14 years. Anand has been at the forefront of developing Arts

programmes for hospitals, collaborating with painters, students and artists in


Victoria Charlton has spent many decades working with museums, theatres, musicians,

 and artists of all disciplines and staged many exhibitions

internationally and nationally.


The Graduate Art Show reflects their desire to help establish careers

for graduates just beginning their life in a tough commercial world.

With the help of the international judges the Graduate Art Show 2024 will invite the

most talented and original BA and MA students and graduates from 38 universities

who participate each year to exhibit in London ,fallowed by Salisbury


Submissions for 2024 will open in February 2024:

The Vanner Gallery in Salisbury hosted a selection of artists from January 11th until February 16th 2024


The shows have, and will continue to make emerging artists and their work available to collectors and critics, giving the participating artists an extraordinary first step into the world of real commercial experience.

Why should I apply for the 2024 Show?

We have extensive links to collectors, buyers and investors keen to find the finest young talent the UK has to offer. Our team has a history of nuturing and promoting new young artists.

How do I benefit?

This opportunity gives the artists a national and an international platform with the expectation of building their future.

How can I apply?

To register your interest, please fill in the form available here.
The submissions for the Graduate Art Show 2024 will open on February 14th 2024 and close on  27th July 2024

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